Disco Couture.

Imagine Paris, just after the close of the Second World War. The rise of the Dischotheque can be traced to those years in the late 1940's, in which friends got together with their favorite recordings. Over drinks, cigarettes, and conversation, people introduced each other to new ideas, some old but worthy ideas, literature, humor, and of course music.

Disco Couture's mission is to bring you music you'd want to share with your friends in settings like this. Releases are limited physically to a certain number of copies, and each Disco Couture record has a unique unlock code that allows you to come to this website and download digital versions of the music in a variety of formats. We bring the old and the new together: quality vinyl pressings with encoded keys that bridge the digital world.

Ready to unlock a code you've received from us? Unlock and download here.

You'll notice this website doesn't have a lot of flashy graphics or buttons. This is intentional. We think the music speaks for itself, and what you definitely can do here is download the music for Disco Couture releases you've unlocked (and occasionally a surprise or two).

We want you to enjoy the music in whatever format you like. If what you want is missing, or if you would like to otherwise get in touch, say hello.